What an honest article that is. You know, most articles say “go all in”, “fail fast, succeed fast”, etc. Yet we see so many articles about failed startups, dreams, and emptied pockets.

This article reminded me the value of enjoying what you do. Enjoyment that cannot be had without some kind of financial security, which often comes from a 9–5 job. Well done for speaking up and for telling something different than most articles we read on the same subject nowadays.

It also reminded me of my own situation. When I was 20 years old, I actually followed your advice, without knowing it. I can attest that it works. However, problems start when your day job is eating more than just 8 hours of your day, thus not allowing you to invest time into your own business.

Software Architect, currently @ Vodafone GR. Past: Lead Dev @ Intrasoft Intl, atcom.gr and more. Crafting apps & web services since 2007. https://oramind.com

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