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I fail to see the point where I deterministically say that the lack of a degree makes someone incapable of anything. I try to avoid such aphorisms in software development, exactly because I have seen notable exceptions to rules like that :)

However, my personal opinion is that Programming is learned, Engineering is taught — whether that “teaching” comes from mentors in the workplace or from a university.

Actually, having no CS degree doesn’t “make” you anything (capable or incapable) alone. What shapes you is how you choose to spend your time.

In other words; whether you are capable of designing software depends on 1) your experience, 2) learning approaches, 3) your emotional capability to adapt and acquire new knowledge. A full-time degree gives you a boost in (2) and (3), not (1). At least — this is what I paid for.

Software Architect, currently @ Vodafone GR. Past: Lead Dev @ Intrasoft Intl, and more. Crafting apps & web services since 2007.

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