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Software Architect, currently @ Vodafone GR. Past: Lead Dev @ Intrasoft Intl, and more. Crafting apps & web services since 2007.


  • Wanatchapong Man

    Wanatchapong Man

  • Tuğkan Kibar

    Tuğkan Kibar

    Software Engineer w/ emphasis on React Native. Based in Netherlands. For business inquiries

  • Mahmoud Khaled

    Mahmoud Khaled

  • Waqas Kamal

    Waqas Kamal

    Backend developer specializing in .net technologies. Love to explore, learn and try out new techs, libraries and frameworks, and finding out the differences.

  • Muthu Ramachandran

    Muthu Ramachandran

  • Joey Wakeman

    Joey Wakeman

    I learn about personal finance and nutrition and then share what I learn with you. My YouTube:

  • Aymen Braiek

    Aymen Braiek

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